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CVT - Workshops & Online Classes -

Learn how Complete Vocal Technique can help you overcome vocal limitations and further develop your sound and vocal artistry. In Person Introduction Workshops are available on request in VIENNA, GYÖR, BUDAPEST, BRATISLAVA Group I In Person I Online

Raise your Scream

Design your Signature Scream while keeping your voice healthy. 1:1 Online Starter Kit I Workshops In Person I Online Courses Group

Personal Voice Trainer

Bring your vocal technique and your singing performance to the next level with a 1:1 mentorship program Online 1:1 or in person in Györ I asynchronous + synchronous


I am Tamara Pientka, Singer, Vocal Coach and Authorised CVT Teacher.
I assist singers in keeping their voices healthy while further grow their vocal expression within their preferred musical style.
During the last 20 years of coaching and performing internationally, it has always been my pleasure to combine old and new ways of helping vocalists to

-> sing their money notes with ease
-> solve vocal health problems caused by functional misuse / overuse
-> detect vocal instabilities before they become a habit
-> release their very own musical projects in the recording studio
-> turn fear ridden singing bodies into true vessels of musical expression
-> ditch stage fright and transform this energy to fuel their performance

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